The official financial report for Fiestarama 2017 was released today by the office of the Orange Walk Town Council. The report comprises of the total amount of income earned as well as the total value of expenditures. Today we spoke to Mayor of the Orange Walk Town Council, Kevin Bernard, who highlighted that that after all expenses of the event were fully covered, the total profit amounted to nineteen thousand seven hundred ninety one dollars and twenty five cents which proved to be a little higher than that of last year.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-08_at_7.47.03_PMMayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“We have made this a commitment ever since I became Mayor that we report back to the public in terms of what raised and what we gained at Fiesta Rama, this year I want to report again that we had had another successful Fiesta Rama despite the fact that we saw there was a little bit of little turn out that I had mentioned in my previous interview but all in all we did a little better than last year, and last year the turnout was even better but I think that last year the expenses was also a bit more.  Based on the final figures that we were able to put together we yielded a profit of $19,971.25 it is a little bit more I think $262.00 more from last year we hoped that of course we would have been, we have had hit the $23,000.00 mark like we did I think two years ago but we knew that there would have been some challenges due to the turn out but at the end of the I think we still were able to have a successful Fiesta Rama and that is what counts. This is our commitment, my commitment in terms of the Mayor that we make this report public in fact it is already posted in our Facebook page, it will be ported in our Website and it is at the Bulletin Board already so anybody comes to the Town council can see the report and the revenue that we earned and the expenses that we incurred for Fiesta Rama this has been that I have never failed and we will continue to do so and I believe in accountability and transparency and those two words equals good governance and that is what we try to offer here at the Town Council.”

Mayor Bernard underlined that the money will be invested in two main areas including one… the Student’s Summer Program and two, for continuous infrastructural development to be carried out across town.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“This money is geared towards the work program at the same time some of it geared towards our infrastructure program that we already have it ongoing so these are things that you’ll see, you’ll see the council already doing some major works in terms of, we have a planned monument that we need to build and construct, a National Heroes Monument that we want to build at the park, flag monument you will us doing some upgrades in the Queen Victoria Avenue we want to make sure that the area is well enhanced and of course we continue with our street works of course bearing in mind the weather we will continue with some of the street works that we are doing so all in all the profits while it is not a major, major profit because already we have assisted 77 students this year that is coming out of this budget , out of this profit leaving us with about twelve thousand to work on in terms of getting other thin done in terms of infrastructure.  The students reported today, they did report in Friday and participated in the Queen’s Baton relay and so that is all part of the activities it’s about them doing some form of community service so right now we have them engaged in the white washing of the trees, the cleaning of the park areas and they are separated in different groups and each group have a leader in their group that will oversee the work being done during the next few days so and definitely we wish we could have assisted much more students but again as I had mentioned we are very much engaged in infrastructure project and we wanted to make sure that just as last year this year we try to limit the number of support because we need to ensure that our infrastructure should be sustained and so these types of assistance this little assistance where it comes from it comes from the public who basically come out and support and the council earns that additional revenue to be able to do more for our community we don’t get any dollar support from government for summer programs and so this is how we give back by asking the same community to assist the town in attending the Fiesta Rama and then we go back and provide a summer program for our young people.”

The event would not have been successful without assistance from sponsors and other members of the Orange Walk Community.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council

“I want definitely thank our sponsors, those sponsors that continuously assist with the direct cost for example Caribbean Rum, Smart Belize, we have Mr. Allan and Leticia Swift who have also made significant contribution on the ground that we can’t, they assisted with some of the event and sporting and of course I want to thank my employees, the council worker, their management team and everyone who worked behind the scene putting together this Fiesta Rama from planning stage up to the execution it is with everybody’s effort  that we were able that this Fiesta Rama was a successful.”

An analysis is being made regarding this year’s event so as to make it bigger and better for the year 2018.

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