noimageUnconfirmed reports to CTV3 news is that a confrontation between Orange Walk residents and officials from the BDF and Customs department shortly before news time tonight lead to one man being shot as many as four times.


While full details surrounding the incident are still sketchy, CTV3 news understands that the incident transpired somewhere along the road from Santa Cruz Village to Orange Walk Town while authorities were conducting daily patrols. Reports are that Customs and BDF officials were conducting search on a bus traveling towards Orange Walk Town for unaccustomed goods, the situation then allegedly took a turn for the worst as passengers of the bus reportedly attempted to attack the officers, who then allegedly discharged several shots in self-defense.

All indications are that four of those shots found their target on Orange Walk resident Dwayne Almendarez, who was among the crowd.

CTV3 news understands that Almendarez is currently at the Northern Regional Hospital being treated for his injuries. Reports from police indicate that it is yet to be determined if it was Customs or BDF personnel who fired the shots that injured Almendarez. We will have more on this incident in tomorrow’s newscast.

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