Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno also discussed the heavy dollar diplomacy being played by the Taiwan Government with the Barrow Administration. As we had reported last week, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize H.E. Charles Liu handed over financial support of $60m to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, part of which will go towards budget support. The concern is that Taiwan is helping to prop a Government that has failed economically and financially, and has provided an easy way of keeping the Government’s pocket full which the country remains broke. Briceno had stern words for this kind of dollar diplomacy, warning the Taiwan Ambassador that he cannot trust the Barrow Administration.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_8.24.40_PMHonourable John Briceno - Opposition Leader for the People’s United Party

“Taiwan for the second time, I believe that they are interfering in the politics of this country, when they in the second time in a row are giving monies to a government that is broke just before an election it is obvious that the Taiwan government is finding a way how to assist the UDP not the government but the UDP because the UDP government is going to take this money to try to spend to see how they can hold on to power, now we have been friends with Taiwan but we in the PUP are seeing that obviously now that Taiwan Belize that is only the UDP that are their friends not the Belizean people.  When we have the Ambassador of Taiwan go on  our national news in Belize to profess his love and his friendship for the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister as if he is only friends with the UDP what about the rest of the Belizean people, I would just like to point out to the Taiwanese Ambassador to look at history Venezuela has given the UDP over four hundred million dollars, at the last OAS meeting the UDP government was prepared to vote against Venezuela the very government that has helped them to stay in government, the Taiwanese government needs to think about that.”

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