Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_8.18.33_PMOn Sunday the United Democratic Party held a convention to elect a Town Council slate in Corozal Town for the upcoming municipal election scheduled for March 7 2018. As we had reported in a previous newscast, there were two candidates for Mayor including incumbent Councillor Rafael Castillo and Traffic Manager Richard Quan.



As we had also reported, despite being a current-serving Councillor, Castillo had a great disadvantage because the Corozal Bay Area Representative Pablo Marin had openly signalled his support for Quan over the young candidate. There were also credible reports that Hilberto Campos supported Quan. This support also meant that the UDP institution was fully behind Quan, and Castillo was fighting an uphill battle. The results of the convention have indicated just that as Quan put a pummelling on Castillo, garnering 1274 votes over Castillo’s 375.

In the Councillor’s team, in a field of eleven candidates the results were very interesting, as two of the incumbent Councillor candidates Guillermo Arana who topped the polls in the last election and Estevan Cruz, were not elected to serve again. Elected to run under the UDP ticket as Councillor Candidates are Nonita Ramirez, Carlos Net Acosta Sr., Benjamin Acosta, Melhem Williams, Rodolfo Riverol, and Juliet Marokin.

As we said the results are very interesting as incumbent Councillors Castillo, Arana and Cruz have all been turned down by the UDP faithful, with seven months left in their term. What exactly that means to the remainder of their term is unclear.

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