Criminal_Code_forgeryAs previously reported, the allegation by Amy Forte is that she was never aware of the land transaction; therefore, could have never obtained the Minister’s Fiat Grant 175 of 2009 declaring her the owner of a parcel of land measuring 3,826 square meters in Caye Caulker Village, nor could have signed the February 17TH 2010 Deed of Conveyance which transferred the land ownership to Andre Antonio Vega for an alleged $30,000. But while Forte has come out with the bombshell news, the reality is that on the documents there appears a signature above her name? And that signature is validated by Justice of the Peace Darlene Padron a well know acquaintance to Vega. And based on these two signatures Andre Vega through his attorney has indicated that the documents seemed genuine so he went ahead and purchased the land. Who then committed the forgery? That’s a question we hope police will be able to answer after the investigations conclude.

What we can tell though, is that under our laws, forgery is a very serious offence that carries various weights of punishment. Specifically, the Section 101 Criminal Code of our laws, at section 175, stipulates that any person who with the intent to defraud, or with intent to defeat, obstruct or pervert the course of justice, forges a document of title to land shall be liable to imprisonment for life.

This and other sections of our laws can be applied to this case, both in a criminal investigation and civil challenge.

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