The PUP leader also discussed the particulars of the land controversy which came to light when a series of documents were leaked from the lands ministry. Documents showed how members of the Vega family were acquiring land, with Minister Gapar Vega selling cheaply to individuals who then turn around and sell to members of his family. But more obscenely are the cases of compensation made to the Vega family members, by the Government, for erroneous land sales. The fraudulent Forte land deal is just part of a compensation deal, in which Andre Vega ended up receiving prime land.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-31_at_8.23.14_PMHonourable John Briceno – Party Leader of the People’s United Party

“It was not about them, it was about the Vegas, it was about compensating them; Mosquito cay there was a lease given to the late Toney Castillo as I’ve been told wanted to extend his tourism project from Tony’s Inn to this island and in 2007, he is deceased so his widow went to the ministry of natural resources to try to regularize the documents and what was done then was that she was told that she can’t get the entire island so is was made out into five parcels, in less than two years and I challenge Gaspar Vega that once he realized that there is a beautiful island there next to Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Cay he realized that he had to find a way how he had to get that island in the hands of his family so he set that aside once this land was passed over which they knew was private land because there was already a case again about it then he then decided to am not going to compensate who I gave it to am going to compensate who have it my family members, that was always the scheme, that was the scam so that his family can get own of an island that is worth about five million dollars US right now in the market.”

Briceno said the list of land scandals by the Vegas are long, and all this while happening under the Prime Minister’s nose.

Honourable John Briceno – Party Leader of the People’s United Party

“This latest scam operations that occurred in the lands department during the tenure of former deputy prime minister Vega can be added to; the shipstern seafront properties, the NEMO land in Belmopan, the close to 1700 acres of land in the Carmelita area now famously called Rancho Vega, the more than 400 acres of land in the Spanish Creek area near the Belize River on the George Price Highway, the lands that were de-reserved from the Don Elijio Panty National Park in the mountain pine ridge forest reserve, the countless cay lands sold cheaply to his family members and associates and the big hustling in respect to compensation for lands his son Andre and other family members received this is similar to what occurred with the land near the Hollouver bridge which was private land and that government ended up compensating Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts for fur hundred thousand dollars each.”

Today the Peoples United Party held an Executive meeting after which Party Leader John Briceno spoke to the media and stated that the party will not rest until the Prime Minister carries out a complete investigation into the Ministry of Natural Resources. Briceno also stated that the P.M needs to inform the Belizean public when will persons responsible for recent land hustle be arrested and when will the lands be returned to the Belizean People. The PUP is also demanding a complete audit of Petro Caribe Funds.

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