AldoAfter several weeks of being on break, tomorrow the Senate Select Committee will resume its hearings at the National Assembly building in Belmopan.

Prior to going on a temporary pause in late July, the Senate hearings had called a long list of witnesses to testify on what they know about certain activities in Immigration, mostly which were highlighted in the Auditor General’s special audit on Immigration.

Witnesses include senior Immigration officials such as the former Director Ruth Meighan and Maria Marin, senior Immigration Officers including the Officers in charge of the Visa, Nationality and Passport sections, Senior Police officials, and right up the political hierarchy to Ministers including Edmond Castro, Manuel Herredia, Anthony “Boots” Martinez and Elvin Penner.

Throughout those testimonies, there have been many revelations of neglect, wrongdoing and poor management of the country’s serious affairs.

It is expected that current Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse will soon be appearing before the Committee to testify. The Committee will also likely call back a number of witnesses who may need to provide clarification.

Committee Chairman Aldo Salazar had signalled back in July, that he will commence the compilation of a preliminary report.

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