fuelLast week Friday, the September celebrations mood was seriously dampened by an increase in the price of fuel, which took the cost of a gallon of premium fuel past the $12.00 mark.

This was the fourth increase in just two months, and the second in just three days, as the last increase was done on September 19th, affecting regular and diesel fuel.

The Opposition has been monitoring the upward change in prices and on Friday they issued a strong-worded press release, calling on the Government to immediately reduce the taxes on fuel in order for the price to fall.

The release notes that Belizeans are already struggling to make ends meet, as a result of a stagnant economy and high cost of living.

The release quotes Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno saying that “the People’s United Party will not stand on the side-lines and just watch the Government saddle the back of the Belizean people with these exorbitant fuel prices, of which some forty-three percent is collected by this UDP Government in the form of taxes”.

And Belizeans are struggling in deed. Today we hit the streets of Orange Walk and Corozal to get reaction from consumers who depend on fuel to survive including taxi drivers and owners of bus companies and restaurants. We will have that story for you in tomorrow’s newscast.

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