noimgeBack in November 2016, Police detained four men in relation to the attempted robbery of Rapidito Loans located downtown Corozal.


The incident occurred in broad-daylight, but the assailants had to abort once the security guard retaliated and shot after them. The men jumped inside an awaiting vehicle which sped away but they were followed by a Police Officer who had been nearby the scene. They were caught all the way in San Jose Village, heading in the direction of Orange Walk Town.


The four men, 28 year old Kareem Heusner, 20 year old Maliek Michael Humes, 20 year old Alton Garcia and 33 year old Erwin Castillo, have been awaiting trial since and today they were due to return to court, but they didn’t show up but not maliciously. We understand that all four men reported to be ailing from the dreaded pink eye, which means they could not be transported for trial. Their case was therefore adjourned to November.


Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, as it is commonly known, is known to be very contagious as you will find out in one of our upcoming stories.

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