Screen_Shot_2017-10-10_at_8.08.34_PMCorozal Police have charged 52 year old Apolonio Kiow, a resident of Santa Elena Road in the Port Saul Area of Corozal Town, for the shooting murder of 38 year old Canadian national, Gabriel Buchnia, which occurred on the night of Wednesday October 4th.

Kiow, who was charged on Friday night, could not be arraigned at the Corozal Magistrate’s Court this morning because there was no Magistrate available.

He was therefore taken to the Magistrate Court in Orange Walk where the charge was read to him. Since the matter is an indictable one no plea was taken from Kiow who was remanded to prison until his next court date. .

Kiow, who is known to many as “Polo” faces the very serious allegation of pulling the trigger and murdering Buchnia, in front of his wife and three children just as Buchnia opened the gate to his yard in the Chula Vista area of Corozal Town.

Police say that Kiow also turned the weapon on Buchnia’s wife, 27 year old Jeshana Martiza Zetina, but when he pulled the trigger, the weapon misfired and he ran away.

Buchnia was shot to the abdomen and rushed to the hospital with the help of neighbours. He was taken to the Orange Walk Northern Regional Hospital but succumbed to the injuries.

During the assault, Buchnia reportedly recognised the attacker and called out his name as “Polo”, which is what led the authorities to Kiow’s detention.

Kiow, according to our archives search, is no stranger to the Police. Back in 2005, he was one of three men charged for the robbery of Police Constable Morris Martinez, who was missing for a few days until his body turned up dead among cane fields in the Consejo Road area in December 2005. We’re not sure what happened to the case, because while Martinez’s lifeless body was discovered, there is no record on media reports that Kiow and the other men were charged for the more serious crime. Eventually, 55 year old Cesario Balam was charged for murder and kidnapping of the officer.

Meanwhile, Bucnhia’s parents who returned to Belize last week Thursday after having recently spent several days of vacation in Corozal Town, are making preparations to take Buchnia’s body back to Canada where he will be buried.

Buchnia was living in Corozal Town for many years. He had his construction business and was known as an avid basketball player.

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