Residents of Santa Martha Village here in the north remain on the road to recovery after most of the village was inundated on the evening of Monday October 2nd following incessant rains. The water level rose by approximately four feet directly affecting over forty families who sought shelter at the community centre, with family or friends. Personal possessions and even homes have been destroyed.

So far an assessment carried out by the Orange Walk PUP East Executive has revealed that over ten houses are in need of reconstruction.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-10_at_8.10.48_PMJosue Carballo – Political Officer - OW East PUP

“We were out on Santa Martha on Friday, Saturday and as early as yesterday we went to visit and assess the families that are still ongoing, from house to house to house and we visited families close to thirty families and then there were some stationed that were staying at the community centre but majority were actually staying outside either at a family house or in empty open houses and there they were stationed and then we went with all of them assessing what was happening and the damages that they had suffered.  We noted that particular the houses that were on the outskirts which had gotten completely flooded we talking about ten houses that even up to yesterday hadn’t even dried up and then what is the concern there is that a lot of these houses are made up of mortar or base soil flooring and we noted that in the waters they had already infectious worms and so on and that was the concern that these families need some assistance starting from the floor going up many of them lost their little furniture that they had.”

The assessment is also indicating that overflowing swamps and ponds caused the flooding thus sighting the need for culverts to be installed in key areas across the community.

Josue Carballo – Political Officer, OW East PUP

“There needs to be a more presence from their area rep or from the ministry of works in particular because what we noted is that there is a big slope found within the village and these were over flooded and had nowhere to run so the villagers we visited within this area and the opening of these culverts were necessary in that village for a future problems to occur.”

When it comes to agriculture a variety of crops were completely destroyed by the flood affecting the livelihood of farmers.

Josue Carballo – Political Officer, OW East PUP

“Most of these families that live on the outskirts they are more subsistence farmers they would be planting home and these are the products that they use to sell out at the market and do their day to day living and it is important that these families are given some sort of assistance like fertilizers or seeds or something to assist them to grow back some of their crops.”

Over the weekend, the administration and staff of Cuello’s Distillery Limited also assisted over fifty families from the village with essential food items.

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