Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_7.51.34_PMThe media and the Belize Police Department are at odds once again tonight and there is no telling when there will be a truce. For the past weeks there have been multiple murders including two here in the north and other major crimes across the country and the department has refused to grant any interviews on these issues. For that reason the media including CTV3 News has instituted a boycott of events to promote the work of the Belize Police Department. Today, the media had been invited to cover the closing ceremony of a GREAT training the Department holds in conjunction with the US Embassy. Likewise, there was also an event in Belmopan where the Taiwanese Embassy was making a donation to that formation. Neither event was covered by the media. The Police Press Office has been reminded of an outstanding meeting with the commissioner of police since July but to date, the media has not been informed whether a follow-up meeting on police-media relations will take place. This the second boycott organized by the media due to the free flow of information by the Belize Police Department.

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