Screen_Shot_2017-10-10_at_8.08.34_PMOn Tuesday we told you about the arrest of 52 year old Apolonio Kiow in Corozal Town, for the cold-bloodied murder of 38 year old Canadian national Gabriel Bochnia.

Kiow is the one accused of pulling the trigger on Bochnia, fatally shooting the construction contractor, as he opened the gates to his yard outside his home in the Chula Vista area around 10:30pm on Wednesday, October 4th. The attack was calculated and callous, as Bochnia’s wife and three children witnessed the attack inside a waiting vehicle. His wife, 27 year old Jeshana Zetina, went to help her husband and the gunman then fired at her, but the gun reportedly misfired.

Kiow, sources say, was a former employee of the Canadian national, and there are no reports of ill-will between them. There are many more questions than answers in the case, especially for Corozal Police authorities.

Our research shows that this isn’t the first time Kiow has been investigated for a serious crime. As we had shared in Tuesday’s newscast, Kiow was detained in December 2005 when Orange Walk Police Constable Morris Martinez disappeared while in Corozal. Martinez was on the Pueblo Nuevo Road when it is still believed he was ambushed, kidnapped and then tortured. It took more than a week before his body was found dismembered in a cane field along the Consejo Road. Kiow, along with three other men, identified then as 33 year old Elio Lopez, 26 year old Edmund Crawford Sanker Junior and 55 year old Cesario Balam were arrested and charged, but there is no evidence that any case proceeded against them and the men were released sometime after.

That was 12 years ago, but now two of the persons involved in the 2005 investigation, have not only been detained for serious crimes once more, but reportedly positively identified by the victims in the crime.

In the case of Kiow, the Police say that Bochnia had identified his attacker as “Polo”, which is how Kiow is known to him, before succumbing to his injury hours after the shooting. We have confirmed with members of the family, that they are convinced that it is the same former employee.

The second person named as part of the 2005 investigations is Elio Lopez. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Lopez was one of three individuals charged for the kidnapping and robbery of three Corozal men back in May 2017. The victims, Eder Hall, his brother Eliazar Hall and Emir Rosado, told CTV-3 News that they had travelled to Ranchito Village with the intention of purchasing a vehicle when the supposed car salesman suggested that they meet at the abandoned lagoon road. When they arrived at the location, the men were ambushed by four men carrying high-powered weapons. They were robbed, forced inside the vehicles and told they would be killed and their bodies thrown into the river in Libertad. The men luckily escaped as the vehicle sped on the Phillip Goldson highway, but told us they could positively identify each of their attackers.

Now, what’s the point of the information? It all points to circumstances too coincidental to ignore while the Police carry out multiple investigations into a series of criminal activity in Corozal. We hope to have more as we conduct more investigations.

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