Screen_Shot_2017-10-16_at_8.12.16_PMThe controversy continues over a contract awarded by the Ministry of Works to Imer Hernandez Development Co. Limited, a company involving the nephew of former UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega.

The contract is for the rehabilitation of just over 1 mile of Fabers Road, but the amount agreed to as payment has raised eyebrows. The Ministry says it will pay $8 million to the company for the work.

The Opposition expressed shock in a press release issued today. The release states, “The PUP condemns the awarding of a grossly bloated contract…to Imer Hernandez, nephew of disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega”.

The Opposition compared this contract amount to one offered to Cisco construction in 2016, for road works on 3.5 miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway, which was for less than $4m per mile.

The PUP also expresses concern that this is not the first time a bloated contract comes out of the Ministry of Works. They point out that recently a $7m contract was granted for work along a short stretch of road in Santa Elena in the Cayo District, while even the Minister’s brother benefitted from multi-million dollar contracts for works on the new municipal building and the Marshalleck Stadium.

The PUP says that social partners must stand up against the bloated contracts.

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