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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Yesterday the Police high command caved in to the media’s demands for a constant stream of information to be able to keep the public informed. This after an almost two-week media boycott of their events triggered by the Police’s refusal to pass information. What may have led to the Police Department giving in could be statements by Police Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood who called in the Krem WUB programme to lash out at his own Department for castigating him back in August.



Yearwood was the media relations officer for the Department until he passed information about a violent incident involving one of the Castro sons. He was transferred from the post right after. In his call to the radio station, Yearwood said he would defend his integrity even at the expense of losing his job. Yesterday Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was asked what they will be doing about Yearwood’s public statements, and the ComPol said the inspector’s fate lies on an investigation.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_8.17.34_PMAllen Whylie - ComPol

“I have heard what Mr. Yearwood said, I have directed the Commander of the Professional Standards Branch that he must investigate and he will be submitting his findings and recommendations, the police department is a discipline organization if any officer is disaffected he/she knows the process to seek remedy, I can tell you that I have never been approached by Mr. Yearwood complaining of any wrong or injustice done to him, we do have policies governing certain behavior and action and Mr. Williams will be looking at that.”

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