noimageYesterday a man lost his life after he got electrocuted while in the Village of August Pine Ridge in the Orange Walk District.

Today our news team visited the village to find out more about the circumstances behind the accident but what we found was more questions than answers.

What we understand is that the victim, who is yet to be identified, approached a group of Mexican carnival operators, who are currently in the village, on Wednesday night asking for a job. According to the men, while the individual only know to them as “motto motto” was told they were not hiring at the time, he decided to stick around and helped out wherever he could.

While no one was able to give us an exact account of how the victim was electrocuted, we understand that he was somewhere near this area, where the main control to the mechanical rides is located, when the incident occurred. We were also told that the individual was not wearing any shoes at the time and considering the weather conditions for the past few days it is assumed that the ground was wet, all contributing to the suspicion that “motto motto” was electrocuted after touching wires inside the control room. Reports from villagers indicate that the victim is not known to be from the village. As for police, they are still investigating.

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