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  • 41 Year Old Make Stabbed to death In Corozal

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 02:54
  • Prime Minister Explains Why Budget Is Dull

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:03
  • New Corozal Town Council Takes Office, Mandates Financial Audit

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  • A Condemnation Against Crime

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:12

On Thursday’s newscast we reported on the attempted robbery of a pesero in Corozal Town. Jose Sanchez was preparing to leave his home located in the in the Altamira area of Corozal Town when two men armed with weapons ambushed him.

The men who were allegedly wearing masks over their faces demanded money from Sanchez and seeing that he had none, pistol whipped him causing a deep laceration to the forehead.

Sanchez’s wife was inside the house and when she saw the incident, she reportedly ran outside to help, but the men pointed their guns on her. Sanchez then reportedly began blowing the vehicle’s horn to alert the neighbors, scaring the robbers away.

Today during a press briefing with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvette, he shared what authorities are currently doing to minimize these kinds of incidents with Peseros in Corozal Town.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-30_at_8.03.02_PMACP Joseph Myvette

“Sometime around 6:30am on Thursday last while Jose Sanchez was entering his yard he was approached by two males persons dressed in dark clothing where one of the pointed a firearm at him and demanded money, he did not had any money and as a result of that quick thinking led him to blow his horn of his vehicle and when the neighbors start coming out then the culprits then made good their escape.”


“We have seen a number of arm assaults on money changers, this one thankfully it was unsuccessfully but is this a new trend in crime that you are analyzing or observing that money changers are being targeted at their homes?”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“What I can say is that Corozal Police have re-strategized and they have also over the last few days met with the money changers in regards to security.”

No one has been detained in connection with this latest incident- Police investigations continue.

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