Screen_shot_2011-09-28_at_8.10.25_PMOn Monday September 26th the Father of the Nation Hon George Cadle Price was laid to rest. But before he was buried the entire nation mourned his death as tribute was paid to his memory by a state funeral.

Last night we showed you the highlights of his body laying at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, the ceremony at Holy Redeemer Cathedral, the mass held at La Inmaculada Church, and the state funeral held on Monday.

During those ceremonies we took the opportunity to speak with some persons and get their feedback on their recollection on the Right Hon George Price.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

Thousands of persons visited the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday as the casket of the first Premiere and Prime Minister of Belize Right Hon George Price was placed for display.

As the persons poured in and out of the centre out news team caught with some of them to ask them what was their recollection of Leader Emeritus.

Marlene Sepeda

“When i was nine years old I use to go to the Battle Field and use to get a whipping when I go home. I could not vote until I was 21 and the first person I voted for was the Honourable George Cadle Price. I will remember him as a happy, loving person. There will never be another Prime Minister like Mr. Price no one can take his place.”

Albert Jones

“The Imperial Band is one of the oldest bands in Belize and just like the growth of the nation we have grown and now we want to show our appreciation to our first Prime Minister by playing some rendition of some samba music just for about an hour before the body leaves from the Bliss Centre here.”

Ayena Coleman

“Many times when I get mad and want to do something i always remember papa George he use to tell me don’t do such a thing because as you know God is watching you he always told me that. I remember when we went to the remote areas we had to walk through mud and water i never want to do it but because he use to I do it. He gave his life for this country.”

There are those for whom Mr. Price was more than the father of the nation as he shared a personal relationship with them.

Dolores Balderamos- Niece

“It is sad indeed Mr. Price is my dear uncle and so as a family we are very sad. He was so very special to us but we know that he was getting older and we feel that he did his bit and them some and we are very proud as a family as a family that he contributed so much to make us the Belizean people who we are from North to South and East to West. We are sad but i would like to say on behalf of my mom who is Mr. Price’s sister that we are very grateful for the support at the moment of his passing and we want to thank all Belizeans for showing this great respect.”

Screen_shot_2011-09-28_at_8.11.03_PMHector Silva- close friend

“Mr. Price said look on the path to Independence there will be many obstacles he said, obstacles of all kinds but don’t stop, forward ever backward never. He use to say get rid of the obstacles but let us always continue forward towards what he used to call plateau of plenty nation free sovereign with our own identity, our own flag, our own anthem. In 1963 the British wanted to give Independence to Belize but he said no i have to go to my people and consult with them and prepare them. His vision was way ahead of time.”

For the state funeral out news team also caught with some of the persons outside the ceremonies who were there hoping to at least get a glimpse of the casket of Mr. Price.

Corry Rodriguez- Bishop Martin

“I came to see funeral of George Cadle Price because he is the Father of the Nation.”

Cesar Teul

“I remember him as a humble guy. He always remembered everyone’s name, very intelligent man and i think that he is somebody that really looked after the country of Belize. To me he is a real hero, a patriot and he loves the people and for him the people were always first. He lived a humble life no glamour and he was somebody who always put God first. His death was sad because we lost someone that we can’t get back.”

Right Hon George Price was the first person to receive Belize’s Highest Honor, the Order of National Hero. He has also been honored by different Caribbean and Central American countries.

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