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  • Burglars Target Homes In Ranchito Village

    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:04
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    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:07
  • Two Drivers In Corozal Highway Accident Served With Notices Of Intended Prosecution

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    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:12

The legal woes of former Attorney General Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington before the court over a private land investment matter gone sour between him and former clients Progresso Heights Limited, continued today in Court. The last we had heard about this matter was back in July when the Caribbean Court of Justice pronounced that Elrington should return land documents to the company which were believed to be in his possession. But in interviews that followed the ruling, Elrington held that he could not return documents which he didn’t have. Today, Elrington returned to the Court, after having signed an affidavit that he was not in its possession and requesting the documents be procured and delivered, entered a challenge. Attorney for the private company, Eamon Courtenay, explained to the media why Elrington’s move was unsuccessful.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_7.53.36_PMEamon Courtenay, PUP Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs

“Fortunately, the judges saw through it, the judges understood what was at play and they made it very clear that they are declaring the titles lost, they insisted fortunately that the registrar was here today, he was actually in court and it was question by the judges and she gave the court her assurance that once the order is made she will publish the lost certificates, the notice of lost certificates for three weeks and if nobody comes forward she will issue the certificates but then the thing took another strange turn, Mr. Elrington wanted his attorney to get the certificates that do not belong to him, that do not belong to his client, that do not belong to any of his clients, why would they want those certificates, it’s very simple, he wants to control this process in order to pressurize and black ail my client into making a settlement with him, he court would have none of it and the court authorized our law firm to go and get the titles and to deliver them to the people who rightly deserve them.”

We also spoke to Elrington following the Court proceedings. He claimed that while he disagrees with the Court’s ruling, he will respect it.

Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Foreign Minister

“The court has certain limitations, I maintain that I was never entered into the contract upon which the case was based, never, I also maintain that no such evidence was before the court, I maintain that, the court found differently but I think that an examination of the record will show that in fact no contract was interdicted between me and the other side and we have evidence in court that can establish that too but the legal system is not perfect and to the extent that it is not perfect it is manned controlled one has to go with the decision that has been taken, am I happy with it, no, but life is real.”

The private matter stems from a business relationship between the Cabinet Minister and the real estate development entity in Progresso area of Corozal District. Elrington was hired to process the sale of sixteen properties for the company. The claimants told the Court that they delivered the land transfer documents to Elrington and his law firm, Pitts & Elrington, with the necessary funds including the 2% of the purchase price for each property which was charged as lawyer’s fees. However, according to the claimants while eight parcels have been duly issued to the defendants, the eight others have not been completed. Those eight properties have a value of close to a million dollars.

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