And during that interview Elrington was also questioned whether he felt that in amending the Maritime Areas Act, the Government of Belize should consider whether it will ruffle the feathers of Guatemalan officials. He said that it is likely since most recently Guatemala issued a protest note over a documentary which featured our BDF soldiers patrolling the border.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_7.49.02_PMWilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Foreign Minister

“We recently did a documentary where we were having our soldiers be in the process of patrolling the borders and the Guatemalan took exception to it they actually sent us a protest note so that most of what they do or what most of what we do officially tend to attract some negative response from them so whatever we do we think about it very, very carefully because just like there are in Belize irresponsible elements you cannot be irresponsible elements in Guatemala as well and irresponsible elements can cause people or societies to be hurt.”

This week Guatemala also announced that it will be budgeting over 300 million quetzals, equivalent to under $100m Belize, to finance the referendum process in their country. Additionally, they will budget up to 80m quetzals, equivalent to over $20m to finance its legal team.

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