Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_7.56.04_PMDuring the Christmas season, contraband activities are heightened as majority of individuals from across the country prepare to welcome the festive season by purchasing alcoholic beverages. While the north is considered as the area where contraband activity is most intense due to identified contraband hotspots located near the Mexican border, it is believed that majority of such illegal goods are transported from here to different parts of the country.

And tonight we can tell you that contraband has made its way into Belize City. However, with special operations conducted by law enforcement officers, it has not been quite easy to get away with.

Reports indicate that this morning at about 11:30, the Special Assignment Team conducted a search in an abandoned building on Aloe Vera Street which led to the discovery of twenty five cases of assorted Mexican beer. While no one was found in the immediate area at the time of the discovery, no arrests were made, therefore, the contraband beers were subsequently handed over to personnel at the Customs and Excise Department.

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