Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_7.59.17_PMA resident of San Joaquin and well-known taxi-driver 52 year old Eriberto Tzul passed away in a traffic mishap on Saturday January 6th.

Reports are that Tzul was travelling between the Xaibe Village and Patchakan Village road when he lost control of the vehicle.

Tzul was driving his grey in colour Toyota Camry car when he veered off the road and hit a culvert which caused the vehicle to turn over with wheels in the air. Tzul was trapped inside and succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

According to a Police report, Tzul was traveling alone.

Various versions about the incident spread quickly, including that Tzul might have been evading the Customs authorities which caused him to lose control of the vehicle. But Tzul’s family have denied such report and all other versions. They shared with CTV-3 News that commuters on the road have shared that Tzul was forced off the road in order to avoid being hit by an incoming dump truck which seemed to be driven carelessly.

The family says they are hopeful that the Police conducts proper investigations and can arrest anyone who may be responsible for the fatal accident. Tzul is a father of three. His family is preparing funeral arrangements for tomorrow.

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