noimageShortly after midnight last night, the home of a senior citizen residing in San Andres Village in the Corozal District was completely destroyed by a raging fire.

When the fire started, the homeowner was inside sleeping and it took loud shouting from the residents for her to realise that her home was on fire. Luckily, she was able to come out of the house, even though it meant walking through some fire through the front door.

Authorities are tonight investigating what caused the fire, and are not ruling out arson. This is because neighbours have reported that they saw an individual lighting the house on fire even though the senior citizen was inside.

The fire engulfed the entire wooden house quickly, and despite the efforts of the Fire Department, it could not be contained.

Neighbours also say that they found the homeowner pet dog dead in the yard, which could mean that it was poisoned prior to the fire.

The home-owners family has not taken the suspicions lightly and a few hours after the fire, they took the senior citizen away from Corozal Town.

We reached to the family, but they preferred not to comment.

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