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  • 41 Year Old Make Stabbed to death In Corozal

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 02:54
  • Prime Minister Explains Why Budget Is Dull

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:03
  • New Corozal Town Council Takes Office, Mandates Financial Audit

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:07
  • A Condemnation Against Crime

    Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:12

Since December 2017 a new fee was implemented at the Corozal Community Hospital, charging $2 to all non-NHI patients seeking medical services. That’s the majority of persons going to the hospital, and for many the $2 was a bit prohibitive. Last week when we spoke to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, he indicated the fund raised from the fee will provide the finances to continue the National Health Insurance program.

CamposDr. Angel Campos, Minister of State, Ministry of Health

“In order for NHI to work we do have to have funding, government subsidies almost 15 million dollars to the National Health Insurance Committee and they are the ones that buy the services for the people, we have in Southside Belize, we have in part of Stann Creek, PG, now we have here in Corozal and if you see the model in Southside Belize that charge of $2 is being done by the people in Belize city south area, why they do that, is for people to understand that NHI is quality care and whenever you go look for a service at an NHI provider you will have that quality care with the doctor, with the nurses and you will get your medication so sometimes for us to balance it off to buy medication so that the patient can take home, because we do have a quality assurance where every month we have an NHI policing that goes to the different clinics that gives NHI services and they have to show that these persons do get their medications, do get the quality attention or else they won’t get paid so what we do now we have to subsidies the buying of medication so $2 is just a minimal fee for the people so that NHI can continue offering the quality service that they can.”

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