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RigoThere’s been a flurry of activity at the Corozal Town Council since the PUP Mayoral Candidate Rigo Vellos and his slate were elected to office last Wednesday.

As Mayor-elect, Rigo as well as the newly-elected Councillors paid a courtesy visit to the Council office to greet staff members. On Friday, at a ceremony inside a packed-to-capacity Town Hall they were officially sworn in. Under applauses and cheers, they each took their turns taking their oath, pledging to serve the Council and the people of Corozal to the best of their ability.

Outside the Town Hall, thousands of supporters awaited the victory rally which saw speeches from leaders in the Party including Party Leader Hon. John Briceno.

Honourable Florencio Marin Jr., Corozal South East Area Rep.

“We helped out in #41 and we could tell you the workers out there all those campaigners they put it out everything on the battle field this Wednesday that gone, everything and you should have seen how they moved taking out the voters going out the entire day, how many voters left, who is left from my list, and they stem the tide in Altamira, obviously the Bay did its part am not saying no but I want to big up box #41 for make this victory look sweet and make it look beautiful, we humiliated Pablo and Hugo and they look bad and they look horrible here.”

Honourable Abelardo Mai, PUP Deputy Leader

“To the beautiful and smart people of Corozal they deserve a bigger applause, they did the right thing, they voted out a group of corrupted people and now we are here tonight to celebrate that hard work and victory so it is time to celebrate the victory of this great achievement of my friend the now Mayor Rigo Vellos and his team, it is very important to recognize the tremendous effort, the tremendous work and dedication that the campaigners put into this campaign it could not have been achieved without them.”

Mayor Kevin Bernard, Orange Walk Town Mayor

“Rigo and his team will your support; they will need your every support because we know that this UDP government is so vindictive, they will want to start to spite them but let me tell you one thing when our people work together and we work with our community we will continue to build Corozal town and so I say to Rigo and his new council that we in Orange Walk are prepared to come here and work with you and help you so that the blue can be successful, it’s no rocket science ladies and gentlemen it’s just hard work and putting in the responsible people at the helm and let us ensure that we make our Corozalenos proud and our party proud and our leader proud and that we would have a PUP council in Corozal that will deliver on the pledges that they made to the citizen of this town.”

Honourable John Briceno, PUP Leader

“And I was in the House meeting today and guess what who I see in the House meeting in a little corner, the loser Pablo Marin and the loser superman Aragon from Orange Walk East and the two of them are in a corner trying to console one another and I looked at the two of them and say, what would they talk about because guess what whenever he/she because I don’t know who Dean Barrow wants to be leader of the UDP decide to call the election and I told Pablo Marin we coming for you because your days are numbered Pablo Marin, you have abandoned Corozal town and that’s why on March the 7th Corozal town abandoned Pablo Marin and voted for Rigo Vellos and voted for the People’s United Party.”


Today the new Council members spent their first official day in office, and at its first meeting Councillor Candidate Otoniel Riveroll was elected as Deputy Mayor. The Council also passed a resolution to carry out a financial and management audit of the Town Council and we understand that this audit by an independent auditor has already commenced.

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