PlaneAlmost a week has gone by since the mysterious landing of a third suspected drug plane here in the north in less than two weeks. The aircraft was found deep in the farmlands of Blue Creek in an area known as “Cuatros Lenguas.”

Along with the airplane three vehicles were found in the area and a man known only as an employee of a Mennonite businessman was detained while leaving the remote area and was being held for questioning but was since released from police custody. Now…that is as far as Belizean authorities have gone in terms of information on this incident and are yet to confirm what was being transported in the abandoned plane or who the owners of the three vehicles found in the area are.

A news piece on the Mexican Media “Diario de Quintana Roo” is however, reporting that the same plane found last week in Belizean territory was spotted by residents of the Mexican community of Ramonal dropping approximately a ton and a half of suspected cocaine into the Rio Hondo river where a group of over six boats boarded with Belizeans some of them armed waited to transport the drugs.

According to the report, witnesses detailed that they saw the plane make several over flights close to the river which passes through the community of Ramonal, while the six large boats waited in a water channel known to them as “El Creck” which connects to Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. Further reports by the residents indicate that from a distance they observed how square silver and brown packages were dropped into the Rio Hondo River from the plane above. Seconds later they observed as the men in the boats immediately collected the over 100 packages from the water then the boats swiftly left the area through “el creck” towards Patchakan village.

Belizean authorities are however, yet to confirm that the plane found was in fact transporting drugs.

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