Tomorrow the 31 members of the House of Representatives will meet for day 1 of the budget debate. One of the central issues of discussion will be the Government’s proposed tax measures meant to plug a forecasted $118 million deficit in the upcoming budget. Among the tax measures is the expansion of GST which will see a 12.5% tax added to data services by all internet providers. We will hear both sides argue the pros and cons of this new tax measure on Thursday and Friday, but PUP Leader began the conversation during media interviews yesterday.

He explained why everyone will be affected.

Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_8.04.00_PMHonorable John Briceno – Party Leader People’s United Party

“Everybody uses data, internet. Ten years ago probably a small group of the society were using data or a small and a few businesses were accessing the internet but now everybody uses the internet from the richest to the poorest of Belizeans, from the biggest company to the smallest companies in Belize everybody needs data and now the Prime Minister is adding another tax on them that is going to hurt the middles people and especially the poor people that feel that they are the ones that are feeling the tax burden in this country and so again is not helping and just making it worst but he only wants the money he don’t care what happens after that.”

Our news team will be in Belmopan for the debate and we invite you to tune into tomorrow’s newscast for all the details.

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