drugsFour persons are in very hot water tonight and in Police custody, after they were caught transporting suspected drugs and ammo across the northern border on Wednesday night.

Shortly after 9pm, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles which were heading into Belize from neighboring Chetumal, Quintana Roo. A White Ford Escape with Belmopan license plates C08416 was driven by Blancaneaux Maudel and with passenger Michelle Benguche. A black in colour Kia Amanti sedan with Belmopan license plates C07127 driven by Kenyon Lewis and passenger Phylmore King. Inside the vehicles police found the suspected drugs and ammo.


Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino

“Corozal Police visited the northern border where they intercepted two vehicles, one a Kia Amanti, this is a car with occupants, one Kenyon Lewis and Phylmore King and the vehicle was searched and from that search it resulted in 15 parcels what was determined to be suspected cannabis that would be somewhere around 13.5 pounds. The drugs was found in the spare tire of the vehicle and there was another vehicle that was searched a Ford Escape drive by the time Blancaneaux Maudel and another occupant Michelle Benguche and they were in the Ford Escape and that Ford Escape was searched and again inside the spare tire they found 24 parcels of suspected cannabis and that would be 20,470 grams and we are looking anywhere 45 pounds of suspected cannabis.”


“Sir was this or do the investigators suspect that this was some sort of smuggling operation taking place, the quantity of drugs and the quantity of ammunition suggests a cross border operation?”

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino

“Well, we would want to say that it is smuggling because of the manner in which it was done; putting in the spare tire is a tricky way to conceal those types of drugs and I think I fail to mention it was 28 rounds of .380 ammunition.”



“Are any of these people known traffickers or offenders using drugs or ammunition in the past?”

Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino

“Not to my knowledge I don’t have that information.”

All four persons are reportedly from Hattieville Village in the Belize District and have been detained, pending questioning by the Police. It is expected that they could face charges by tomorrow or Monday morning.

As viewers are aware, over the past weeks there have been numerous landing of suspected drug plane in the northern districts, forecasting an increase in narco trade and trafficking.

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