noimageThe release of white sugar in the local market by the multinational Spanish company, Santander, has thrown the local sugar industry into a frenzy. Since we broke the news of the presence of Santander sugar on the local market a few weeks ago, the concern for local producers has only intensified as the industry now anticipates a decision from the EPZ committee whether Santander will be given a waiver to source thirty percent of all local consumption. Last week the three associations issued a joint letter to the committee asking that a waiver not be granted to Santander based on the negative financial impacts it would cause to the already struggling local sugar industry.


But while the largest cane farmers association BSCFA has been the most vocal, on Friday the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers Association (CSCPA) also spoke on the ongoing situation. In a release issued, the association reiterates the industry’s position, that Santander should not be granted the waiver to source sugar locally and further calls on the EPZ committee not to approve the request.


The CSCPA goes on to reject Santander’s position stated in their release dated May 30th in regard to not being fully aware and appraised with European Sugar markets and challenges which would have negatively impacted the rejoin stating and we quote “it is regrettable that we have reached this juncture and for Santander Ltd. Perhaps not mindful that the sugar markets internationally was indeed volatile and that it would not be feasible in Belize for two mills supplying the very small and limited local market” end quote

In ending their release the CSCPA calls on GOB to redress the situation now caused due to the violation of the country’s laws and standards by Santander when they released their sugar into the local market with the proper waivers to do so.

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