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As we reported earlier, Washington Post Reporter Nick Miroff has pointed out in detail the flaws within Belizes National Security. He also makes an important point when stating that since 2008 the Dean Barrow Administration has received $15million in U.S security assistance. With that type of money granted to the government of Belize we are appalled to know that Belizes ports of entry and Security Forces are not receiving the financial assistance needed. In what the $15 million dollars was invested exactly, only Government can tell. But what we do know is that the money was definitely not spent in uplifting security measures at the Belize Defense Force Headquarters in Price Barracks.

Screen_shot_2011-10-13_at_8.26.34_PMAs you may all know, tonight seven M4 Carbine rifles and eleven 9 millimeter pistols could be in the hands of criminals. On Tuesday night someone broke into the BDF grounds at Price Barracks in Ladyville, forcibly entered the weapons store room and stole a variety of armed weapons belonging to our National Security Forces.

In an interview given to the media yesterday, Deputy Commander of the Belize Defense Force Colonel Javier Castellanos indicated that 42 weapons were stolen from the facilities.

Colonel Javier Castellanos- Deputy Commander of the Belize Defense Force

"Our initial investigations have revealed that a total of 22 times M-16 A-1 rifles, which are unserviceable, 2 times M4 commando rifles, also unserviceable, 11 times 9 millimeter Beretta pistols, which are serviceable, and 7 times M4 carbines which are serviceable, they are reported missing from the weapons bulk store, which gives a total of 44 weapons missing, being 31 of them, rifles, and 11 pistols. Of these 7 of the rifles are serviceable, and 11 pistols are serviceable. The facility lies within one of the sectors which is patrolled, a 24 hour vigilance, within the sector, but not exactly 24 hours to the facility itself. This weapon bulk store is used mostly to store unserviceable weapons, and in this case, weapons which are not issued to the regular units, which are about to be issued - secured there prior to being issued to the particular unit which will receive this weapon.”

So far no one has been detained for the incident. We do understand however, that the Belize Defense Force and the Ministry of National Security is offering a reward of $30,000 for any information that can lead to the recovery of the weapons.

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