PMConfirmed reports are that Prime Minister Dean Barrow visited the northern towns yesterday. If you’re wondering how come you missed the fanfare, the political rallies, the high level security detail and grandiose speeches of the best is yet to come, it’s because there was none.

Reliable sources are that PM Barrow came to Orange Walk Town and Corozal Town for clandestine political meetings with his two Town Council slates. In those meetings, he discussed their election campaigns and election preparedness.

The PM’s visit came with no announcement and there were no public invitations. This is quite uncharacteristic of an incumbent municipal government and Party in central Government which has held power for 12 years and which has applied maximum heavy campaigning in every election. Of course the difference between the elections next Wednesday March 7th and previous ones is the availability of millions of dollars through the Petrocaribe loans program. Today, the Petrocaribe party is over and Belize has been left economically limp from all the borrowing and spending.

Sources indicate that while the country finances are in peril, the UDP party’s accounts remain full and they will be used on Election Day.

From photos we have seen on social media, the PM wined and dined at restaurants with his slates, before leaving the north in as quiet a manner as he arrived.

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