riverAs the waters continue to recede in the southern part of the country the National Emergency Management Organization continue to monitor the situation.

According to NEMO’s latest release, communities along the Mopan and Macal must continue to take the necessary actions to save life and property. People in St. Paul’s Bank; Willows Bank; Double Head Cabbage; Bermudian Landing; Isabela Bank; Flowers Bank; May Pen; Scotland half-moon; Burrell Boom; Lord’s Bank; and Ladyville must also maintain a state of heightened alert and take actions to save life and property.

Residents along the old northern highway must remain alert and farmers with livestock are being asked to take the necessary precautions. NEMO District Emergency Relief teams supported by the BDF are providing assistance to people in need.

When it comes to road conditions, the Philip Goldson, George Price and the Southern Highways are open to traffic from border to border. The coastal road is closed to all traffic and in Bomba the road is impassable to small vehicles. Gracie Rock road is closed.

In the west the Spanish Lookout roads via Baking Pot Ferry and Iguana Creek Bridge are closed. The Succothz ferry remains closed. ATM and Barton Creek caves are closed. The wooden bridge across the Macal River is closed. The Buena Vista road is closed but the access route through Bullet Tree Falls village via the Bullet Tree Bridge is passable. Drivers are reminded to drive with due care and attention.

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