Screen_shot_2013-11-05_at_6.52.02_PMYesterday we told you about the third and final payment that is scheduled to be paid to the Sugar Cane Farmers for the 2013 Crop Season. But before we delve into that matter, the Management Committee at the BSCFA held its annual elections and voted in a new chairman today. Outgoing Chairman Alfredo Ortega brought us up to date on the elections.

Alfredo Ortega– Outgoing Chairman, BSCFA

“We have Mr. Leonardo Cano as the Chairman, I as the vice-chairman and we have Mr. Eledino Escarraga as the secretary, Mr. Estevan Villanueva as the Treasurer, Mr. Marciano Novelo as member and Mr. Arturo Olivares as the other member so this six persons compose the committee of management, three from Corozal and three from Orange Walk.”

Ortega is confident that as a veteran cane farmer and representative of the Louisville branch, Cano has what it takes to continue carrying out the vision of the association, despite the many challenges they face.


Alfredo Ortega– Outgoing Chairman, BSCFA

“The vision of us is to move the organization forward, no turning back our plan is to move so that we can give better service to the farmers and also develop a system where we can work with other stakeholders and also better organize ourselves to that we can meet the challenges that are fore coming and also helping the farmer in developing their selves and also helping Belize to develop as a nation.”

And while the Association is still at whims with the Baggasse issue, on Monday we reported that the BSCFA gave BSI until midday today to come to the negotiating table. Well, turns out BSI did respond, but to our disappointment it had nothing to do with the Bagasse issue. In a release sent to CTV3 News, BSI spoke on the   matter of stakeholders of the sugar industry engaged jointly in planning to meet future challenges which we have already reported on.

Our attempts to get comment from the executives at BSI again, were not answered today. Ortega says that if push comes to shove, cane farmers have agreed to stand firm and if negations aren’t finalized, they have no choice but to delay the start of the new crop season, proposed for November 25th.

Alfredo Ortega– Outgoing Chairman, BSCFA

“What we are doing we are trying as I have mentioned before, we are trying to touch all the doors possible legally we can come out with this in a friendly manner where we can finalize this agreement in a friendly manner but if push comes to shove in Orange Walk the farmer said that they will be supporting the administration in not starting crop if we have not finalize negotiation with BSI so are awaiting from Corozal to see the position and from there after we will be taking as an organization our next step.”

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