A student enrolled at the Corozal Junior College is tonight admitted at the Northern Regional Hospital recuperating from a stab injury inflicted on him by another student. The incident is said to have occurred yesterday inside the school campus. Up to news time the administration at CJC is being tight lipped about the situation and has refused to speak on the matter based on the grounds that anything they say can jeopardize the investigation. What we understand happened is that the two male students got into a fight over a seat on the bus yesterday afternoon. That fight reportedly escalated and led to one student stabbing the other.

When we questioned Dean Jose Mai whether an official report has been made to the Corozal Police Formation he stated and we quote. “To my knowledge the police are already involved and are doing their investigation, which i will need to find out.”

This afternoon reporter Victor Castillo caught up with Officer Commanding the Corozal Police formation, Andrew Ramirez, who confirmed that the victim is a minor while the aggressor is an adult.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-24_at_6.42.30_PMAndrew Ramirez – OC Corozal

“At this point of time all I can is indeed we are investigating an incident that occurred in Corozal Junior College sometime yesterday in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the victim is still hospitalized and as such we are unable to interview him to find out exactly what transpired but basically we are looking at it because under the Corozal formation we have a unit, the Community Policing Unit, that manages investigations governing students, we must also be mindful that the school itself the faculty itself has ceruse so we are looking at both angles and if there is a need for the police to take over that full investigation depending on the victim the that is what is going to happen. As to what is the extend of that injury I will refrain at this point in time, with respect to the victim himself, but I just want the school management to understand, a student has been hospitalize due to injury sustained on the compound and we expect and hope that the management can assist the police in this investigation.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Having knowledge of the person who inflicted the wound, has he been questioned, has he been sought by police, what is the interest in this person?”

Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal

“Yes, we have listened to his side of the story right, and my instance in relation to the investigation I don’t want to hold persons unnecessarily in our custody I need to ensure that we do good investigation, because we also gathered that the victim is a minor and the accused may have been somebody older but we need to ensure we do good investigation.”

And while many might be questioning how is it that a student managed to sneak in a weapon in campus, that question will remain unanswered, at least until the Dean of CJC comments on the issue. What we can tell you though, is that police have not confirmed if the weapon used was a knife.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Have the weapon been identified, what was it, so you wouldn’t be able to say if it was a knife or a pen?”

Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal

“No, not at this point in time”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“We know for a fact that what transpired and one key point you mentioned is that you are imploring to the management not only to CJC but other educational tertiary, secondary and primary school which I believe they are having their internal problems or issues what would be your message, your advice that you would give not only to the principal, the Dean or the student and the general public?”

Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal

“When I say that he school management must get onboard, we do not want to destroy a young person’s future, arrest is the last resort that we want hence the reason new have the Community Policing Unit so my advice to the parents again you need to sit with your kids whenever he is making some abnormal behaviors find out what is it, it could be that he had been tried consuming some type of drug and as a result some type of behavior being most of it would be anti-parent or anti-social behavior because this issue that happened yesterday could have been very unfortunate and to my understanding as an investigator could have been murder and the person could have died in relation to it, the minor has been hospitalize and he is not in a position to speak and the injuries that he has sustained obviously is very grievous.”


While we have confirmed the names of the victim and his assailant, who are both from Orange Walk, we are unable to release them since the matter is still under investigation and no one has been charged.

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