A few weeks ago when we spoke to Mayor of Orange Walk Town Phillip de la Fuente, he told us about a project which was set to get started here in town. That project included cementing the entire area near the Barracks where buses usually park. Today we were in the neighbourhood and saw men hard at work and the Mayor on vigilant inspection. Here’s that story.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

phillipPhillip de la Fuente – OW Mayor

“This project is one of the long awaited projects for the council it is on our priority list for sanitation purposes. Apart from the sanitary conditions that we are now addressing it is better for the ascetics of the community. We will have cement parking, cement drive through, we will our sidewalks, and we will have exactly where vehicles will be parked and where the vendors will be stationed. I know we can’t have space for everybody but we will have more organization out here.”

The ground has already been leveled and the work is well underway. It is being in squares, as opposed to just one massive slab. According to the Mayor, Town Council employees are doing all the work and they are receiving the proper advice on how to get the job done, so residents should be satisfied at the end of the project.

Phillip de la Fuente – OW Mayor

“The casting of the flooring started yesterday morning but because of the heat and the sun hitting down directly on the cement we noticed that the cement was drying up o quick so we decided to make some changes in the work plan. We are now doing the cement casting in the night when it is much cooler, the cement dries slower and it prevents any cracking. As with any cement work we know that there is cracking because of the heat and the expansion of the cement but we are trying to keep all those cracks to a minimum that is why we are doing the project slabs so that we have a space for expansion and extraction. We have a supervisor Mr. Zain Hassan from Sea Land Harvesters he is giving us the technical direction. The council is not incurring any additional expense because we have our workers doing all the works.”

In an interview with Minister of Transport Melvin Hulse in February, we were informed that the bus terminal will be moved to the Ministry of Works compound. Whether that will happen or not is known only by the Minister, and as the Mayor has been left out of the loop, he took the opportunity to send a message reminding Hulse that he’s still in charge here in town.

Phillip de la Fuente – OW Mayor

“We have relocated all the buses temporarily to the Atlantic Bank parking area and when this project is finished I imagine the busses will park here again. But eventually the uses will be moved to the Public Works Compound and that is where the official bus terminal should be but there is a couple of stumbling blocks you could say because the Minister of Transport is contemplating taking them to the Public Works Compound one time. I am appealing to the Minister to please keep the Orange Walk people and even I informed because he is making decisions and he is not consulting with the Mayor and I think that is disrespect so I am appealing to him to keep me informed so that the Municipality and the Ministry of Transport can work together in whatever problems might arise.”

The project is scheduled for completion within the next three months.


For about a week CTV-3 has been attempting to speak to Town Administrator Andre Moguel about some curious financial matters which are his responsibility. If Moguel suddenly starts taking our calls and answering questions, we’ll be sure to have much more for you from Town Hall in the next few days.

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