Today the Peoples United Party held a National Executive meeting at Independence Hall and immediately after issued a release announcing changes within the Party which has set the political grapevine buzzing.

The less startling news coming out of the release is that attorney and former PUP Belize City Councilor Rachel Montejo has officially assumed the post of Secretary General of the Party. Other unremarkable changes are that Jaime Briceno, who is the Chairman of the Orange Walk Central Constituency, will now serve with Senator Eamon Courtenay as Co-Chairman of the National Campaign Committee, and the Hon. Florencio Marin Jr. will now serve as Parliamentary Liaison on the National Executive.

And then theres the unexpected news coming out of the National Executive Meeting. The release announces that Hon. Cordel Hyde, Hon. Mark Espat and Hon. Francis Fonseca will now serve as Senior Deputy Party Leaders while Hon. Mike Espat and Carolyn Trench-Sandiford will continue as Deputy Party Leaders.

While reactions and opinions on the changes will be varied, one PUP insider told us that the return of Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde to the National Executive in key positions is a significant step for the Party and for Party unity as the PUP structures itself to contest upcoming municipal and general elections.

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