imagesCA0KZ356It appears that at news time tonight, the affairs of the Orange Walk Town Council are going from bad to worse very fast. Last week when we interviewed Mayor Phillip de la Fuente, he told us that Town Hall was broke and that residents shouldn’t expect much in terms of maintenance and paving of streets.

Now weve been itching to ask some interesting financial questions, because judging by revenues coming into the Council and the output of services which is negligible…seems to us that the Council should be fairly bursting at the seams with funds. But it isnt….not by a long shot.

So far we havent been able to get an on-camera interview with the man who allegedly handles all things financial at Town Hall, administrator Andre Moguel. But today we have been reliably informed that maybe he wont be around long enough to give us an interview. Early this morning credible reports out of the Council indicated that Moguel has threatened to resign after questions about his accounting procedures. We tried to reach Mayor Phillip de la Fuente all day for comment, but our attempts were futile.

Well have more on this story in tomorrows newscast.

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