After the house meeting yesterday in Belmopan, the media managed an interview outside the National Assembly building with Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Of the slew of questions posed, he spoke briefly on the moves of the losing camps in his party. In particular, the resignation of David Constanza, candidate for Orange Walk East, who was bested by Elodio Aragon Junior in Sundays Convention. Barrow said the move is one that is ‘not good for his party’.

Screen_Shot_2014-02-06_at_8.28.31_PMDean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“Of course as it always been the case with these conventions there are hurt feelings with respect of those that lose,  I don’t think it is a problem in Toledo East, I don’t think is it an insurmountable problem in Dangriga but I have the sense it going to prove well nai intractable in Orange Walk East, get the sense that the losing camp is extremely upset and that it is making all sorts of allegations upon which I will not comment now or if those allegations become public except to say that naturally that is not good for the party.”

And while his mood shifted on the basis of the political difficulties being faced in his administration, he says despite the outstanding performance of his government, his Ministers behavior over the past months has left him ‘personally and extremely hurt’. He said there is no doubt in his mind that the scandals have over ridden his leadership and that this type of thing is causing his government to topple.

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