pupThis morning the Opposition Peoples United Party issued its release on the ongoing crisis of ownership of BTL. It was no fire and fury sermon and lacked sulfur and brimstone, but the PUP makes very clear its grave concern over the power play which will no doubt have serious repercussions for the nation and its people.

With those repercussions in the forefront, the Party release states that in the paramount national interest of Belize, the PUP urges both the government and the previous majority owners of BTL to arrive at a reasonable settlement to this crippling dispute and the endless series of lawsuits and countersuits with the utmost urgency.”

The release makes mention of the immediate casualties of the power struggle instigated by Government, stating that, and I quote the affair has also cast a cloud of uncertainty and instability over the nations telecom services and over the status of close to 500 proud employees of BTL.”

The PUP calls on GOB and the previous majority owners to “move expeditiously, within the rule of law and the Countrys Constitution to resolve this long standing dispute…”

And since, BTL aside, there are other critical matters which need urgent attention, the PUP also calls on the Government to address with urgency the pressing issues of poverty, unemployment, the escalating crime and violence plaguing the nation and the serious loss of investor confidence in Belize.”

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