Ministry_of_Health_PicPresently the Ministry of Health, particularly the Vector Control Unit is doing everything in its power to keep Belize free from the Chikungunya disease that has spread throughout the Caribbean and claimed the lives of hundreds. The unit has also been reinforcing the awareness of the Dengue virus since the same species of mosquito that carries the Dengue virus is carrier of the Chikungunya Disease.

Today their job has been made a bit easier as they now have access to more transportation to move around. As part of a Contribution Agreement from the European Union to improve and upgrade the Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health, today 11 Toyota Hilux 4 X 4 Pick-up trucks were handed over to the Vector Control Unit.

The transportation vehicles will be used to assist the health workers of the program in interventions, surveillance, treatment and compliance of vector control efforts in both the urban and rural communities across the country.

Chief of Operations, Vector Control Unit, Kim Bautista, has indicated that the vehicles will be a great addition due to the limited mobility that they now face. The vehicles have a total value of BZ$720,000.

“The Strengthening of the Prevention and Control of Dengue and Malaria in Belize” Project, was signed on December 17th, 2013 between the European Union and the Pan American Health Organization with the Ministry of Health as the implementing partner. The project also includes training for the management and maintenance of the vehicles at a total cost of BZ$2, 280,345.77.

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