Yesterday Belizeans across the country celebrated the 216th Battle of Saint George’s Caye Day. While some stayed home and made much of the holiday others decided to take part in the celebration by viewing the parade or taking part in the ceremonies.

Here in Orange Walk the festivities for the Battle of Saint Georges Caye kicked off with a block party on the 9th followed by a special ceremony on the 10th organized by the Orange walk Town Council to mark the historic Battle of St. George's Caye. We must note that since they took office back in 2012 the town council, under the stewardship of Mayor Kevin Bernard, has honored the patriotic day deemed as a UDP festivity by many. But for Mayor Bernard the day has nothing to do with it being a PUP or UDP holiday, it is about honoring what our four-fathers fought for.


Yesterday though, the Town Council and Orange Walkenos carried out the 10th ceremonies without any representation from members of the United Democratic Party. While Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega was scheduled to carry out the inspection of the guard and deliver the main address he was a no show as he decided that it was better to take part in an Endorsement Convention at the People's Stadium Instead of paying tribute to those who fought the battle, as did the Governor General Sir Colville Young and Primer Minister Dean Barrow. This just proves, says Mayor Bernard, that for some, party politics is more important than patriotism and unity.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-11_at_7.47.29_PMKevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“We did our part, we sent an invitation to his office, last year he had participated and so but it is obvious that this year they have decided to put politics over country and it is sad to see a day like this, a day that they, the same UDP’s would say the PUP use to disrespect, a day that this PUP town council has decided to celebrate and continue to celebrate for the third year now and so yes indeed we had to make some changes, some last minute changes in order for me to have done the inspection of the guard, I was have hopeful that he would have put aside a time and it doesn’t matter to me if the Deputy Prime Minister wants to be parts of his convention, political convention that is taking place at the same time but I think if you really love your country and you put your people first before party then he should have been here to celebrate or even if it was for the ceremonious action he should have been here for his presentation from the government side.”

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