To date we are yet to find out if the Corozal Town Council’s revenue manager has made any payment to the council towards some $13,495.00 that went missing from the council’s coffers at the beginning of 2014. While we tried to get an update on the situation last week, the Town Administrator Estela Castillo was unable to take our calls because she was quote unquote “Busy” and would get back to us which she never did.

The last time Mayor Hilberto Campos spoke about the missing funds he stated that the former revenue manager had signed an affidavit confessing that he was practically involved in the outcome of the investigation. According to the Mayor the former manager also committed to pay back the council despite him being abroad. The next move for the council was to meet and decided if the matter would be handed over to the authorities for prosecution or if they would permit the former manager to pay back the council. The last time we checked with authorities the case had not been handed over to them. So, either the former manager has begun paying the council, something which we have been unable to confirm or the fact that $13,495.00 of tax payers’ money went missing from the council was simply placed under the rug.

While probably won’t get answer from the council any time soon, Mayoral Candidate for the People’s United Party weighed in on the issue today.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-21_at_8.02.20_PMDavid Vega – Aspirant for Mayor

“Well I will tell you that one of my campaign strategies and message is that when we win the town council we are going to advertise for positions, we are going to find the best possible technical people that can allow us to move the town council forward and I will tell you that this current Mayor, I have not seen one advertisement in the newspaper, I have not seen one advertisement on the television where he has opened it up so qualified young sixth form students, bachelors students can apply for certain positions, he has employed a system where he employs his friends and family members, we are dealing with the people’s money and that is why he has to deal with the irregularities that have been happening in the town council, I want to challenge and say that they say it is 13000 plus, I personally David Vega do not believe that is the amount I believe it is more but one question is would you trust an auditor that is part of the UDP government, I believe there is some kind of cover up, I believe there is more to it but when we win on March 4th we are going to open it up and we are going to tell the people the truth about the matter.”

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