Screen_Shot_2015-01-22_at_7.58.00_PMAt the top of the newscast we told you about today’s inauguration of the San Lazaro to August Pine Ridge Road. The inaugural ceremony saw the participation of several high ranking officials including members of the People’s United Party, Orange Walk Central Area Representative Honorable John Briceno and Orange Walk South Area Representative Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai who told us that the road improvement is of great benefit to the communities in his constituency.

Abelardo Mai – Area Representative, O/W South

“It’s a formidable undertaking I have to say,  have to admit that this is a most needed highway, it runs through the heart of Orange Walk South which is y constituency and it is the life blood, I think it is the main artery in which food leaves Orange Walk South and spread out throughout the country, as you now Orange Walk South is the part of the bread basket of the country, the largest amount of rice is produced, grains in general and of course our valuable sugar cane so this highway is the main artery that then leads to distribute food throughout the country so it is formidable undertaking, it is very important to note too that the highway of this magnitude of this caliber will lead significantly to the reduction in the cost of producing sugar cane as you know transportation is the major cost then we reduce the cost of wear and tear, we reduce the cost of fuel and we reduce the repairs and maintenance of our transportation so it is a formidable undertaking and I think we are happy for having it I must say that.”

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