francisAn analysis conducted by the Belize Independent Development Research Group has compiled the results of their first survey in the country with the intent to get an idea of the Belizean electorate leading up to the General Elections. The independent poll which was conducted from August 1st to 8th had the participation of one thousand online visitors. Poll takers had to answer ten multiple choice questions including those of the Party leaders of both parties and the performance of the incumbent government. And while the results varied most notable is that in several questions a lot of the participants were uncertain whether they will participate in the voting of the upcoming general elections.

When asked if they think the country is headed in the right direction, or on the wrong track more than 50% of the responders said we are on the wrong track.

More than 30% of those who took part in the survey highlighted that they would like officials to solve the economy, job and cost of living problem the country is currently facing.  Interesting also is that more than 54.87% of the responders believe it is time to give a new person a change to run the affairs of the country. Yet when asked if general election was to be called today if they would vote for Dean Barrow and the UDP or Francis Fonseca and the PUP, 27.19% opted for Dean Barrow and he UDP while 17.52% said they would definitely vote for Fonseca and the P.U.P.

On the question of Francis Fonseca as a leader of the PUP? 34.38% of the responders view him as very unfavorable and 10.79% view him as very favorable.

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