The Belize Progressive party this morning held a press conference to discuss the Country’s economy, governance and Security. As part of their demands the party is asking for a comprehensive referendum on four matters which they believe are of national importance. The first, taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ, secondly, signing unto the UN convention against corruption, decriminalizing marijuana and lastly on the people’s perspective regarding the ruling on section 53.  Today the party announced that the BPP is willing to spearhead that poll but in order to do so they need approximately three hundred thousand dollars. Party treasurer, Robert ‘Bobby’ Lopez says he has been given the task of raising the money.

bobbyRobert ‘Bobby’ Lopez – Belize Progressive Party Treasurer

“I have receive the approval from our executive to go out now and seek the financing from those who finance us in the elections and I want to say it there are people who are concern about the corruption in this country, about the direction this country is headed and we are confident just as we raised eighty thousand dollars in the month we are confident that we can raise this money but it is up to the people, are we going to sit back and lay down and be complacent and have them through this soft test as they did that is being referred to by our Caribbean brothers that Belize was a soft test, we are not soft pops and we refuse in the BPP to be treated like that and as of today I will be calling on our financiers, mostly local, we are going to raise that money and we are going to get this off and we are calling on all organizations because it will be cheaper if we can get the churches, NGO’s, Unions, everybody to come onboard and to mobilize and to make this effort a success.”

As it relates to the four proposed referendum poll on the ruling of Section 53, the Party’s leader Patrick Rogers shared his personal views on the matter, stating that it is not a human right, it is a life choice.


Patrick Rogers – Party Leader BPP

“The only thing that can reverse that ruling by the Chief Justice is if the legislators do like when they did with the BTL acquisition act and legislate where the country morality and spirituality is at and then put it out of the judge’s hands because every judge including the CCJ judges will have to rule based on the fact that Belize has signed the United Nations Convention that has already been defined life choice matter of same sex activities as a human rights, the appeal will put a hold on them executing this and how the judge rule but the purpose of the appeal is not to reach the CCJ the purpose of the appeal is to give the government time to may be have conducted one legitimate referendum that they would hold so that the people can instruct them how to legislate on this matter. If they chose to maintain a stands that is in opposing that referendum result they won’t' be governing much longer I assure you because laws must benefit the population, our constitution says to make laws that will be beneficial to the people of Belize.”

On the matter of an appeal to be made on the ruling, the party is of the belief that the Government has a duty to appeal.

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