Over the weekend the People’s United Party held its first National Party Council meeting for the New Year at the Crystal Palace Auditorium, here in Orange Walk. But we’ll tell you more on the meeting later on in the news cast, first we cover an extensive interview with PUP Party Leader Hon. John Briceño on several issues currently affecting the nation.

First we hear the views of the Party Leader on the revelations made by former Director of Immigration, Ruth Meighan at her last appearance before the Senate Select Committee last Wednesday, where she admitted that a large number of persons approved for nationalization by the Department in 2012 were not in compliance with the requirements in place and did not qualify to be true Belizeans.

According to Briceño, this level of corruption was possible because the UPD were not thinking of the possible repercussions to our country but instead acted with only one thing in mind: winning an election.

Screen_Shot_2017-01-30_at_8.23.43_PMHonorable John Briceno – Party Leader of People’s United Party

“We in the PUP were not surprised we are being crying out about this since 2012, calling the attention of the government that something was wrong at the immigration department, we saw ministers and their cronies with boxes of applications between October of 2011 and February of 2012 and the Prime Minister did not listen, now here we are with the former Director if Immigration who was the Director at that time who basically admits that there has been some sort of electoral fraud. It was obvious what Dean Barrow and the UDP were doing they wanted to win the elections at any cost they knew that they were already losing the support of the people and the results of that election clearly demonstrated it if they did not illegally issued 2000 nationalities in four months they would not have won the elections so obviously we believe that the elections was stolen and that the mandate that they have is an illegal mandate that is why we believe that they should step down , they should call the elections and get a new mandate and if the people vote them in we will respect that but we know in our hearts by speaking to the people across the length and breadth of this country that the people want a change, the people want a new government led by the People’s United Party.”

Briceño also added that the revelation made by Meighan served only to confirm what the country already knew; that corruption exists within the Barrow administration and person’s responsible need to be held accountable for their wrong doings.

Honorable John Briceno – Party Leader of People’s United Party

“We want to make it obsoletely clear, we are going to hold the government accountable, the Prime Minister needs to do the right thing, he needs to seek at what is going to look at his legacy is he going to allow for this to continue to perpetuate this kind of electoral fraud we are saying that we need to hold the people accountable the people that have orchestrated this plan so we are saying that the Prime Minister needs to call in the DPP to do a thorough investigation and if there is an application that was not properly vetted or did not had all the requirements that we need to be able to cancel them and let them start the process all over again. We have to hold the government accountable, we have to let them understand that the law is broken and if the law is broken then we need to hold the people accountable there must be a full and thorough investigation and let the chips fall where they may if people are found guilty, if ministers are found guilty they need to answer.”

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