Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_7.51.44_PMThere has been heavy public outrage following the circus-like behaviour and violent actions against the media by a group of UDP agents, led by UDP Chairman Alberto August and National Assembly Sargeant at Arms Brian “Yellowman” Audinette, at the Senate Select Committee hearing. As we showed you in last night’s newscast, after disrupting the Senate hearing in which disgraced former UDP politician Elvin Penner was testifying, and defying the Chairman’s orders to behave sensibly, the UDP supporters turned on members of the media including Krem News Director Marisol Amaya, Channel 7 News cameraman Dennis Ellis and Plus TV cameraman Cirilo Choco.

Most persons have seen the video footage and have expressed disgust, but today when we asked the Minister in charge of the Police Elodio Aragon about the incident, he said he had yet to see the videos.

Honourable Elodio Aragon - Minister of Home Affairs

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t here yesterday so I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the footage and that whole scenario so at this time for me to comment on something like that it would not be proper."


“Sir, as the ministers of police when you look at the issue will you be offering your support to the Senate hearing in terms of assisting with police intervention so as to avoid such incidences like these?”

Honourable Elodio Aragon - Minister of Home Affairs

“Well, you know the Senate committee is heard within the House of Representatives and there should be adequate police officers and definitely am sure the police department is looking into the adequate number of police officers for this incidence not to reoccur no.”

While at all Senate hearings we’ve attended there has been adequate Police presence, the real issue is whether the Police officials will continue to be intimidated by political figures in the UDP such as August and Yellowman.

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