Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_8.09.44_PMYesterday we showed you parts of the testimonies of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and Retired Police Officer, former Superintendent Julio Valdez which dealt with what should have been a complete investigation by the Police Department on Immigration irregularities discovered by Valdez but which turned out to have been shelved somewhere at the Criminal Investigation Branch.




Valdez was investigating how attorney Arthur Saldivar allegedly obtained immigration documents, but it turned out to be mere copies. In the background at that time, was the Elvin Penner/Won Hong Kim scandal, but that matter didn’t even appear to be investigated by the Police.

There were many other matters raised, particularly for the ComPol to address. The Auditor General’s report, which has formed the thrust of the Senate Select Committee work, covered a period in which the Whylie was the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Immigration. As the second in charge of the Ministry, Whylie claimed that he was never aware of many things, including that irregularities were taking place.



While he claimed not to tolerate it, it seemed the ComPol’s ego got in the way of investigating. He claimed that because the auditor general’s office never provided a copy of their report to him directly, he chose not to proceed with any kind of investigation.

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