Screen_Shot_2017-07-20_at_8.11.12_PMFormer Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega and his family continue to be embroiled in major controversy involving questionable land deals. A report that appeared in the BELIZE TIMES of Sunday July 16th, reveals that the words “land grab” may be an understatement of the doings of the Vega family while Gaspar Vega was still the Minister in charge of lands.

New documents have surfaced which show that in the same manner in which the Vega clan obtained a large section of land about half mile from the entrance to Carmelita Village here in the Orange Walk District, they also obtained more land in other parts of the country including the Belize District and Cayo Districts.

Just how it is done? As we first saw with the 1,600 acres of land in the Carmelita area, along the Phillip Goldson Highway, land is purchased by various individuals and sold cheaply by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Once they obtained their documents, it is then re-sold to members of the Vega family.

We understand that the Opposition People’s United Party is reviewing the more than a hundred new documents and will be hosting a media conference to expose the Vega land bonanza.

We note that at least one case involving the Vega family is in Court. This is the illegal compensation payment done by the Ministry of Natural Resources, over which Gaspar Vega presided, to his son, Andre Vega. The younger Vega was paid $400,000 as compensation for land which he paid $15,000 for. That matter is now before the Supreme Court, and Vega’s attorney is fighting it tooth and nail.

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