Screen_Shot_2017-11-09_at_7.57.43_PMAttorney General Mike Peyrefitte is in Vienna, Austria for the Seventh Session of the UNCAC Conference of State Parties.

His presence is part of the requirement for a State Party of the UNCAC, according to a government release, "the Secretariat strongly encouraged government representation at the highest political level" - which is why the Attorney General attended along with Crown Counsel Odwin Trenton, who is the Interim Project Coordinator, UNCAC Project Board.


Discussion this year will be about Preventative Measures in the fight against corruption, Asset Recovery, and International Cooperation. Additional matters to be discussed include the implementation of Article 63 concerning cooperation with relevant international and regional organizations and mechanism and non-governmental organizations; as well as the appropriate use of relevant information produced by other international and regional mechanisms for combatting and preventing corruption, to avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

As viewers may recall, the Government of Belize voluntarily submitted to the Implementation Review Mechanism to assist Belize in the effective implementation of the UNCAC. The State Parties reviewing Belize's submission praised Belize for being the first country to submit the self-assessment checklist on time, after acceding to the UNCAC 11 months ago.

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